16 December 2017

Dear friend,

The last month of the year has been really exciting for us — more like a culmination of some of our biggest campaigns of the year.

December 7 — Jhatkaa.org members and other organizations were out and about protesting in front of the Environment Ministry building in Delhi. It was the deadline for thermal power plants across the country to install clean air technologies, a crucial factor in addressing the air pollution crisis in our country.

But as expected, these plants have not adhered to this deadline. We filed RTIs, asking 90 power plants on the status of the installation of these technologies. Surprisingly (or maybe not), only 17 of them replied, and most of them said that the installation will still take a couple of years.

Even though this means we haven’t won this campaign, we are nowhere close to stopping. You can still continue supporting this campaign by signing here.

Here’s my colleague Divya, who has worked extensively on this campaign right from the beginning, talking about our journey so far:

A few weeks ago, we told you about our air quality monitoring project in Bengaluru. To refresh your memory, we installed two air quality monitors in Koramangala, a residential neighbourhood and sent hundreds of SMSes to around 4,000 people, informing them about the air that they breathe.

We also found some interesting insights, most strikingly that air quality in this neighbourhood is the worst between 6 am and 8 am. Click here for more insights.

In the last two months, we built a community of highly engaged and concerned Bengalureans who are now well-informed about the air pollution crisis. Many Bengalureans have been empowered to tackle this serious problem and have shared innovative campaign ideas to launch on our platform, Air A!ert. The media also wrote extensively about this project.

Public awareness, citizen action, media coverage — all these factors have given us the momentum and enthusiasm to keep up the fight for cleaner air.

This project is expensive, but we now want to expand this project to other parts of Bengaluru, and for that we need your support. It’d be great if you could support this work. Please click here to donate.

That’s all for this week. In two weeks, once again we’ll give more exciting, happy and powerful updates.

Thanks for all you do,
Noah and the Jhatkaa.org team

P.S. Want to know how the media is talking about us? Please visit our media page.