On 22 Nov 2019, former Indian Idol judge hit headlines for stepping down from the show. 

As campaigners, running the petition LIVE for over two weeks, it was a moment of achievement for us. It also reminded us of the day when this campaign started as a result of a collective effort made by our complete campaigns team. 

While launching the campaign, our conversation with Sona Mohapatra gave us an insight into how dedicated and articulate she is to spearhead this campaign.

It strengthened our strategy to demand Sony Entertainment to ask Anu Malik to step down and start an investigation on him. 

With two weeks of signature petitions, two rapid twitter storms and public outrage — he stepped down. 

Just like Sona Mohapatra, we are still LIVE with our petition demands to Mr Rohit Gupta, President, Sony Entertainment to start an investigation on Anu Malik.