About 300 people, mostly under the age of 25 showed up at Bengaluru’s Townhall for the 4th Global Climate Strike on November 29th, 2019. This was a part of a series of global events, where a participant estimates are running into millions. Supporters of the Fridays For Future and Extinction Rebellion movements, Bangalore Chapters, were at the helm of the Bengaluru event. 

Disha Ravi, FFF India pointed out that almost three quarters of the attendees were students. This was a marked distinction thanks to FFF’s efforts to go directly to schools and NGOs that work with children. 

Some of the attendees that spoke with the audience included Dr Priyanka Abhishek, a dentist and was crowned Mrs Planet 2019, at the environment-oriented beauty pageant in Bulgaria earlier this year. 

Anupa Gnanakan Director of Education, ACTS Group of Institutions (actsgroup.org), came by with students of her institute. She said, “My daughter takes part in these strikes regularly. This is how I first heard about it. I also follow updates on Instagram, to keep me up to date and announcements about the strikes.

Sandhya, Extinction Rebellion India encouraged people to take a vow to not buy anything for the following 32 days with a fun photo frame that people enjoyed using.