In May 2016, we started a petition against garbage burning in Bangalore. 

Our Campaigner, Divya for weeks sat outside BBMP solid waste commissioner’s office to bring the issue of garbage burning to his notice. 

We also reached out to media folks to bring attention to the issue of Garbage burning in Bangalore.

Continued follow ups to BBMP to take issue of garbage burning more seriously. 

In the meanwhile, we requested citizens to send us photos of garbage burning from their locality. And created an online map where we plotted all the crowd-sourced photos of garbage burning. The map showcased the extent and the intensity of the issue in Bangalore that caught the attention of the BBMP and the media.

Thousands of people joined us!


We also engaged  Hari Adivarekar, a Bangalore based photographer to create a series of photos of garbage burning across the city. These photos were put up in an exhibit to showcase the issue and to create a more visual impact.

And created hard-hitting visuals 

Engaging with people of different age groups

Sarfraz Khan applauded  our efforts and worked with us to solve the issue of Garbage burning

We collaborated with media to raise awareness

We continued work with local organisations to stop garbage burning. 



While we received photos from Bengalureans, they also reached out to us wanting to directly engage with their local civic authorities. But the issue was that they didn’t know how to contact them! So we created an interactive map of Bengaluru with names and contact details of Ward Councillors and  Zonal Commissioners. This map was then shared with our members and volunteers so they could get in touch with them with garbage burning issues in their community. 

We also worked with Technical advisor of  BBMP to advise on reporting of garbage burning. 

The BBMP appointed ward marshals who would canvas the area and had the authority to fine individuals found burning garbage in the open.

We continued working on the issue of garbage burning and collaborated with Friday for Future to raise awareness about the issue.


In January 2020, Ward marshals collected fines of over 11 lakhs by issuing penalties on offenders. They also educate children in government schools to segregate waste.

We continue raising awareness about garbage burning and waste segregation in other cities like Pune and Nashik