On Wednesday Jan 8th, we launched #CultureShift, a celebration of the arts related to work we do at Jhatkaa.org, air pollution and gender & sexuality. 

Why: We created this space to give our active citizenry a space to meet-up other than at clean-up drives, tree plantations, petition signings and protests. 

It is meant to be a casual and social event that is meant to inform, entertain and educate. 

We started out on this journey to screen films. However as we dove into research for the event we soon found work related to these fields, across the arts– poetry, literature, paintings, photography, music, theatre and of course, film.

For our first event we screened four films. Two of these films were made by filmmaker Vikram Singh. Vikram joined the audience over video call for a QnA session that lasted a good 20 minutes after the screenings. Falah Faisal was also present and screened his film The Future You Don’t Want to See, taking Questions from the audience at the end. 

Jhatkaa.org team members on-ground were Easha Nidadavolu, Avijit Michael and Jacob Cherian.

In case you are interested, here are the films that were shown:

Death By Breath | Full Documentary | An Arre Indian Express Original – YouTube  

India’s Coal Rush: Destroying Communities & Triggering Environmental Collapse | AJ+ Docs – YouTube 

The Future You Don’t Want to See – YouTube

Are you ready for this? – YouTube (SAFE VERSION)

(455) Are you ready for this? Air A!ert (NSFW version) – YouTube This version is not safe for Culturally/Socially CONSERVATIVE VIEWERS.