We hit the streets a second week in a row, with a higher phone confirmation rate, albeit with a smaller turnout.

Volunteers on-ground were Aparna and Naveed, with Avijit Michael and Jacob Cherian from Team Jhatkaa.org.

Once again we started with a briefing at the Jhatkaa.org office, and then went out to the intersection of 100 ft and CMH Roads.

This time focussed almost entirely on people that were waiting for the red signal lights to turn green.


Thoughts from de-briefing:

> Carry newspaper clippings as proof of air pollution causing long-term damage, in addition to the air quality monitor.

> Carry a few Jhatkaa.org flyers to let people follow up on the exercise

> Carry a clipboard for faster note-taking and contact list building

> Give out more masks per team at the beginning