One of’s members, Manish Paul, saw garbage burning while crossing KR Puram Bangalore on the night of 27 January 2020. 

While many people drove past the stretch, he decided to do something about it. 

He called the Ward Marshal from the area, through the list on 

Soon, the ward marshall John William and Sham Susheel arrived on the scene. 

A fire brigade also arrived shortly and doused the fire. 

People in KR Puram have continued dumping garbage on to the burning pile site. These ward marshals levied fines on those people. 

But one step by an alert and concerned citizen led to action being taken. This is an excellent example of how things can indeed change when citizens decide to rise up and take charge of the civic issues we face on a day to day basis. 

We thank Manish Paul and Ward Marshals for their active participation in solving the issue of garbage burning in Bangalore.