In November 2019, Amazon responded to aggressive public pressure on one of its controversial products — i-Virgin pills.

And when I got a call from one of the retailers selling the product, I was sure why the women would have felt the cringe that they did. 

“After having inserted the hymen, it melts. The man does not notice it and enjoys the bloodstains on the bedsheet

This call and the recoil that followed was enough for us to start a campaign to make take this product off the market. 

Within a day, ShopClues responded to’s twitter storm and took the fake hymen product — i-Virgin down.

They tweeted: @Jhatkaadotorg Thank you for your prompt response and sharing the product ID with us. We’re getting this product discontinued from our website and sharing strict feedback against the merchant. Kindly wait for the next 24 hours for this to be applied.

We are taking this campaign forward to make sure Snapdeal also take the hazardous and humiliating product down.

They even vowed to have strict policies around installing these kinds of products on their website.

Representing an open discussing culture, we at had an open discussion regarding taking the campaign up.

Here were some reasons why this product should not be up in the market.
– This product puts women’s bodies at risk, disregards our reproductive health, and humiliates us in ways I cannot even begin describing to you.

– Doctors are wary of the safety of such kinds of products.

– Products like these are instrumental in strengthening patriarchal stereotypes about women’s bodies and virginity.

Here are the reasons why we thought it should not be up:

– Many women might need it to easily accessible to avoid abuse and shame after their marriage.

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