When I spoke to an ASHA worker recently, I could feel a genuine concern about her and her colleague’s safety while out on the field facing the COVID crisis upfront.

Following the conversation with them, Jhatkaa decided to distribute 300 masks to the ASHA workers.

ASHA workers not only appreciated the distribution but had hope and joy in their voices — the joy of relief. A relief that you and I, together made it happen — by one small and simple act — distributing masks.

We need to keep the distribution drive up and running.

“We go from one house to another for surveys and health check-ups. There is a high risk of infection. Not having masks makes it so much more difficult, and scary,”
says an ASHA worker in Bangalore.

They deserve better — they deserve to go out in the field all geared up with protective and sanitation measures and in turn, help us get out of this lockdown sooner.

We understand that our safety directly depends on their well-being.

We are also in direct contact with the ASHA workers to push their demands to the National Health Mission (NHM) and National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

They demand the basic minimum:

– Ration kits

– Essential medicines

– Honorarium for being a high-risk worker during COVID crisis

You can donate here for better safety of frontline ASHA workers: bit.ly/MasksForAshaWorkers.
As you know, we will keep posting about where your money is being utilised.