Garbage Burning in Bangalore has been an issue that has been fighting for since 2016.

From working with BBMP for the institution of penalties for the offence to ensuring each ward had a ward marshall involved with the process. is intent on freeing Bangaloreans from the immense health risks of garbage burning.

Our method is simple, and achievable through your help. Everyone can be part of the Bangalore clean-up squad. If you spot garbage burning in any part of Bangalore, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a picture and note the location of the offense
  2. Reach out with your information to this to your relevant Ward Marshal found on this list.
  3. Register the complaint

These three simple steps will ensure Bangalore is well on its way to entirely eradicating garbage burning from the city. Please let us know how your report went, or just message at +918071279559.

One step by an alert and concerned citizen can lead to permanent action being taken.