About Jhatkaa

Jhatkaa is a new campaigning organisation committed to building grassroots citizen power across India in effective and innovative ways. We help people take action collectively on issues that interest or affect them, and create change that would not be possible if they acted alone.

We collaborate with civil society to engage citizens to hold corporate, cultural and government leaders accountable in real time at key decision moments through various digital communication platforms.

Our Objectives:

Jhatkaa envisions an inclusive, sustainable and equitable India, built and maintained through the democratic power of an engaged citizenry. Our objectives are:

  • To advocate solutions based on 21st century realities defining a development pathway to address the challenges of access to clean water, food and air, ensuring enforcement of existing human rights laws, supporting implementation of a new education system and ensuring sufficient checks and balances to tackle corruption.
  • To mobilize millions of people from all over India to weigh in on decisions for different issues.
  • To make the powerful accountable, targeting the behaviour of governments, political parties, corporations and cultural institutions.
  • To transform the public narrative on citizenship and democracy so that people no longer accept corruption and our social problems as inevitable and instead understand their role in shifting systems to make our democracy functional.

How we work

We look for moments where our members’ passion for justice in inclusivity, sustainability, and equality match a real opportunity to make a difference. It could be an urgent parliamentary vote on a land acquisition bill. It could be an outbreak of ethnic violence between native communities and immigrant refugees, or it could be a call for solidarity from a local community fasting to demand the cleaning of their river.

These moments can be wholly reactive. In such cases we will respond in the wake of breaking news and work around the clock to put meaningful action in front of our members as soon as possible. But these moments can also be part of a more proactive strategy. In such cases we may have been working with allies for weeks or months to prepare a response to an anticipated crisis — or to precipitate an opportunity. We will seek to cultivate these moments in accordance with the mid to long term strategic priorities of our membership. This combination of proactive and reactive enables us to strike the balance between taking timely, leveraged action and still making concerted progress towards strategically significant goals.

When the moment for action comes, we will use SMS, IVR, missed calls, email, cutting-edge web tools and social networks to rapidly inform our members about the risks and opportunity at hand — and give them the tools to engage and impact the outcome of the situation.

We will help members reach out to other citizens, online and offline, in living rooms and market squares, in community centres and on the phone — to educate voters, to recruit volunteers, and to spread the reach of our campaigns person to person.