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India faces a multitude of problems from corruption and crony capitalism, to environmental degradation and erosion of human rights. We feel that all these issues are interlinked and are largely rooted in an inefficient and dysfunctional democracy. We have identified two fundamental problems that we wish to shift - firstly, a feeling of disempowerment among citizens which in turn leads to citizen apathy, and secondly, a lack of accountability among decision-makers.

Alongside these problems we see a key opportunity to address them: an unprecedented use of digital communication technology (web and mobile) by a rapidly growing number of citizens. This allows for rapid dissemination of information and the ability to coordinate and mobilise disparate groups of citizens to regularly hold leaders accountable using democratic process.

The unique value that Jhatkaa.org brings is the effective use of digital communication to engage and mobilise citizens at scale. Our focus is on movement building, using digital tools that make it easier for citizens to engage in democracy and hold decision-makers (both corporate and government) accountable to our vision. Jhatkaa.org wins campaigns by deploying a range of tactics. This includes, but is not limited to - petitions, public engagement, building volunteer movements, media engagement, mass phone calls and emails to public representatives, member-generated research and reportage of issues. We also use our expertise in creation of viral and culturally-relevant content to engage large numbers of citizens.

In the long-term we want to empower progressive citizens to take an active part in our democracy, and thus enable our vision of a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable India.


To use innovative technology and public mobilisation to build an active movement of progressive Indians who take action to affect change that would not be possible if they acted alone - holding government, corporate, and cultural leaders accountable to our vision.


We aim to create a progressive India - one that’s equitable, inclusive, and sustainable - built and maintained through the democratic power of an engaged citizenry.


Identify demand and decision maker

What is the specific change and who has the power to make it

Mobilize citizens to take actions

From signing petitions, to calling decision-makers, joining events etc

Engage with decision-makers

Get them to understand the benefits of implementing the change

Create Impact




Avijit Michael

Avijit Michael has worked at the intersection of campaigning and digital technology for the past decade. He worked with the team that pioneered online petitions and digital mobilisation in India with Greenpeace. He then worked at Change.org as Country Director to set up their India operations before moving to a role as Global Development Director where he built strategy for user engagement globally. He currently leads Jhatkaa.org, with a mission to build the tools that will enable citizen engagement in democracy and increase government accountability.

Divya Narayanan

Divya has a background in public health and human rights. She has worked in the grassroots environmental and health issues for 8 years. At Jhatkaa.org she is the Campaigns Director and manages digital campaigns on air pollution & climate change, gender & sexuality and other social justice issues. She is based out of Bangalore, Karnataka.

Roshan Kedar

Roshan is a Marathi Campaigner at Jhatkaa.org. He is working on mobilizing Maharashtra movement around Air Pollution and Climate Change. With a masters degree in Computer Science and his three and a half years of experience in social sector, he focuses on innovative ways of campaigning through technology.

Jacob Cherian

Jacob believes in the importance of on-ground physical work as the foundation for systemic change. His role as the Director of Engagement is to help mobilize members to take their efforts from being purely online to being on-ground as well. His environmental-related background lies in his pan-India work with clean-ups (#PloggingParty) and tree-planting drives as a volunteer, and as the founder of TerreGeneration.com

Nooruddin Patloor

Noor is the Manager-Finance&operations, one of the oldest employee in Jhatkaa.org. He has more than 17 years of experience in Accounting and Finance working in various NGOs across South India. Before joining Jhatkaa.org Noor worked for various NGOs viz., R.D.T-Andhra Pradesh, Sangath-Goa, CHF Internationa, St.Johns Research Institute-Bangalore. He has a Masters in Commerce by Qualification.

Aparna Ashokan

Aparna is a management graduate with a specialisation in finance and has over a decade’s cross sectoral experience in banking and credit rating prior to joining Jhatkaa.org in 2017. She has worked in organizations such as ICICI Bank and Crisil Ratings in the areas encompassing corporate credit risk, operations risk and business development. She is currently Jhatkaa.org’s Director of operations.

Nisha Mathew

Nisha has worked  in the corporate sector outside India for 10years prior to  joining Jhatkaa.org as an Executive Assistant to the Executive Director. Her previous experience gained includes  handling Human Resources, Operations and Procurement departments. She has previously worked in Organizations such as  Northern Trust, Gulf Oil Middle East Ltd & Axcl Gulf, before deciding to return to India in December 2019.
Nisha holds an MBA from S.P. Jain School of Global Management.


Abhijit is the Lead Web Developer.
He maintains our current technology and also helps in fixing occasional bugs.
Abhijit has worked on various technology stacks, which includes Ruby, Python, Blockchain and Linux.
He like to contribute to open source projects in his free time.


Ishani is the Campaigns Manager for the Gender & Sexuality team. They have worked with both govt. institutions and NGOs in the past in order to build a well-rounded understanding of power structures. They love finding patterns and contradictions in everyday life and have been exploring the role of failure in creating feminist solidarities.

Manasi Pant

Manasi is a Gender & Sexuality campaigner at Jhatkaa.org. She is the former Digital Editor at Feminism in India and a researcher in the field of women and work. She hopes to keep learning and unlearning about feminism and intersectionality, and to create meaningful impact through her work.

Rashmi Mishra

Rashmi is an Air Pollution and Climate Change Campaigner with Jhatkaa.org. With a background in journalism and experience of working in digital advertising, she aims to use innovative digital tactics to help increase awareness and action about climate change. She worked on several campaigns that include promoting cleaner fuel and saving forests. Through her work, she hopes to affect policy making and help mitigate the risks posed by climate change in rural India.

Chiku Agarwal

Chiku is an Engagement Associate at Jhatkaa.org. He is a Hotel and Tourism Management graduate and is a great people person. He curates and runs events, and has been doing so as a coordinator and a
volunteer since his college days. He believes in creating change through action, by connecting with people  through on-ground and online activities.