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Jhatkaa.org is a digital campaigning organization that empowers citizens to take action on issues that matter to them. Our aim is to make democracy more accessible and participatory for all citizens. Our approach is focused on building movements through digital tools that enable citizens to voice their concerns, opinions, and ideas. We believe that citizen engagement is key to creating positive change in society. Our platform provides citizens with the necessary resources and tools to make a difference. We work towards educating citizens about issues that affect their communities, and encourage them to take part in decision-making at all levels. We employ a range of strategies to achieve our goals, including petitions, public engagement, building volunteer movements, media engagement, and member-generated research. Our long-term objective is to create a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable society. We want to empower citizens to take an active role in shaping their communities and the nation. By working towards this goal, we believe that we can create a better future for all, across the country.


To use innovative technology and public mobilisation to build an active movement of progressive Indians who take action to affect change that would not be possible if they acted alone - holding government, corporate, and cultural leaders accountable to our vision.


We aim to create a progressive India - one that’s equitable, inclusive, and sustainable - built and maintained through the democratic power of an engaged citizenry.


Identify demand and decision maker

What is the specific change and who has the power to make it

Mobilize citizens to take actions

From signing petitions, to calling decision-makers, joining events etc

Engage with decision-makers

Get them to understand the benefits of implementing the change

Create Impact




Aparna Ashokan (Operations & Finance Director)

Aparna brings over a decade of cross-sector experience in banking and credit rating to her current role at Jhatkaa.org. Her expertise in finance and management is derived from her work with reputable organizations like ICICI Bank and Crisil Ratings in corporate credit risk, operations risk and business development. Her expertise extends beyond the finance sector and uses her experience to optimize Jhatkaa.org’s operations.

Avijit Michael (Executive Director)

Avijit has been at the forefront of campaigning and digital technology for over a decade. He worked with Greenpeace to pioneer online petitions and digital mobilization in India, and later as Global Development Director at Change.org, he built a strategy for user engagement worldwide. As the leader of Jhatkaa.org, Avijit is committed to creating tools that empower citizen engagement in democracy and promote government accountability.

Chiku Agarwal (Senior Engagement Associate)

Chiku is passionate about event curation and management which has taken him on a journey of connecting with people and driving change. His drive to make a positive impact motivates him to leverage on-ground and online activities to bring people together for a greater cause. With a degree in Hotel and Tourism Management, he has been crafting and running events since his college days.

Divya Narayanan (Campaigns Director)

Divya has a background in public health and human rights and spent 10 years working on grassroots environmental and health issues. In her role at Jhatkaa.org, she leads the organization’s efforts to advocate for social justice through digital campaigns. Her areas of focus include critical issues such as air pollution, climate change, gender, and sexuality. She continues to be a passionate advocate for a more just and equitable world.

Dhrstadyumn Khera (Senior Engagement Associate)

Dhrstadyumn is a champion for environmental justice and leads efforts to inspire people to take action for inclusive, organic, and decentralized climate action and advocacy. His work involves mobilizing members to take meaningful action and create a lasting impact. Dhrstadyumn’s experience in environmental justice includes leading pan-India clean-up campaigns and workshops with There Is No Earth B.

Farkhanda Zahoor (Fundraising Director)

Farkhanda is a fundraising and communications professional with experience in identifying and cultivating strategic partnerships that drive sustainable growth in the non-profit sector. In her current role she leverages her expertise in fundraising, creative communications and strategy-building to drive growth and maximize impact. She has worked across nonprofits in India helping them build sustainable models that drive long-term growth.

Mayukha Indavara (Technology Director)

Mayukha understands how to harness the power of technology to create innovative solutions. Bringing her expertise in data science and architecture from her time at organizations like Yahoo and AlienTT, she recognizes the influence of tech for mission innovation and delivery. She’s the driving force behind some of the most cutting-edge projects in the nonprofit space.

Naayan M (Campaigns Manager - Air Pollution and Climate Change)

Naayan is an advocate for cleaner air and a healthier planet who strives to empower individuals to take action towards sustainable living. Using a blend of engineering expertise and data-driven insights, Naayan is dedicated to increasing the adoption of solar rooftop technology and promoting participation in solid waste management through an innovative online platform.

Nisha Mathew (Executive Assistant to ED)

Nisha is a seasoned professional in the areas of operations, procurement, and human resources, honed through more than ten years of experience in the corporate sector outside India. With her MBA from S.P. Jain School of Global Management, she now channels her expertise to help drive Jhatkaa.org towards achieving its mission.

Nooruddin Patloor (Finance and Operations Manager)

Nooruddin has more than 17 years of experience in accounting and finance in the non-profit sector. Armed with a Masters in Commerce, Noor has worked with several renowned NGOs in South India, including R.D.T-Andhra Pradesh, Sangath-Goa, CHF International, and St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore. Noor’s expertise lies in ensuring that organizations run smoothly and achieve their goals efficiently.

Roshan Kedar (Campaigns Manager - Air Pollution and Climate Change)

Roshan is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to mobilizing the Maharashtra movement around air pollution and climate change. He is driven by his passion for making a positive impact on the environment and is committed to using his expertise in digital campaigning to achieve this goal. With a master’s degree in Computer Science, he brings a unique perspective to the team and is always exploring innovative ways to reach and engage with the public.

Sudipto Ghosh (Software Developer)

Sudipto is passionate about and regularly contributes to open-source projects and academic research. He is pursuing a master’s degree in Computer Science. He actively volunteers in various community events in the technology, climate, and social justice space.Sudipto is a licensed ham radio operator and also takes interest in philately and snail-mailing.