Jhatkaa.org has been collecting member-submitted photos of illegal garbage burning from all around Bangalore. To date we have received over 200 photos from more than 40 different wards.

Click on the burning fires in the map below to see images of garbage burning all over the city. Find your home, your office, your bus stand, and your favourite hangout spots to see much this issue affects your daily life. Then share this with your family and friends:

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You can help end illegal garbage burning in Bangalore by joining 2,000 fellow Bangaloreans in signing our letter to BBMP commissioner Sarfaraz Khan today:

Want to contribute to the map? Add us on WhatsApp at +91 88849 83333 and then send us photos & locations of garbage burning across the city.

Together we can convince the BBMP to clean up our air by enforcing the ban on illegal garbage burning.