Over the last month, thousands of Bengalureans have joined our campaign asking the BMTC to keep its promise to add new buses by June. And the public pressure and dialogue worked. Last week, BMTC Chairman M Nagaraju said that Bengaluru would get 1,500 new buses on June 10!

This is a win for you and a win for Bengaluru. An efficient public transport system is key to reducing the air pollution problem in the city. But we just can’t stop at this. Old vehicles are one of the biggest contributors for outdoor air pollution in cities. And Bengaluru has hundreds of old polluting buses.

Last week, the Managing Director of BMTC, Dr Ekroop Caur informed Jhatkaa that the BMTC will be scrapping 1,000 old buses by the end of the financial year! This is HUGE.

This type of dialogue with decision makers and campaigning is what Jhatkaa specializes in, and we depend on members like you to fund our work. Our goal is to be 100% member-funded by passionate Bengalureans like you. Can you donate Rs. 1,000 (or any other amount) so that we can continue campaigning for a cleaner, greener Bangalore?

Over the next few days, we will be strategizing and planning our next steps on our Bengaluru public transportation campaign. We will be talking to BMTC and will let them know that everyday Bengalureans are waiting on them for an efficient and sustainable transport system.

Please help us by donating so that we can continue working on this campaign and achieve even greater milestones for Bengaluru!


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