Members of parliament and mobility experts come together to discuss the demand for public buses towards strengthening India’s economic recovery.

Shri Jagdambika Pal, Chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on urban development said, “Buses are a lifeline for people in cities like railways are for long distance inter-state travel.

Shri Kumar Ketkar, Rajya Sabha member of parliament with an example of Mumbai he said, “Majority of Mumbaikars are half exhausted by the time they reach work.” Further, he added, “Provision of good education, water and public health services are dependent on the availability of good public transport services. And all state governments should treat public transport as a fundamental service, and not as a source of revenue.”

Shri Jagdambika Pal assured the our members that the parliamentary committee will hear their recommendations towards formulating a policy framework to ensure India is on course of expanding its bus fleet for all its citizens.