Put an end to Bengaluru’s transport issues- Table BMLTA Bill now!

Jhatkaa.org worked on the BMLTA campaign from 2021-2022. The push for BMLTA this year started in the lead up to the ongoing assembly session. The network along with BPAC was able to collectively meet and engage with 12 MLAs. A big win for the network came in the form of BMLTA Bill being tabled and the CM's announcement to take measures to decongest traffic in Bengaluru with support from the Centre. Mr. Nitin Gadkari also made some announcements in this regard as and encouraged the CM of Karnataka to table the BMLTA bill.

Jhatkaa.org's work was also mentioned by MLA Ms. Sowmya Reddy in her letter to the Transport Department. It also got coverage in the media and Radio Mirchi did a segment on it too.