Congratulations, Environment Minister Anil Dave!

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Exciting news for India’s forests, wildlife and the communities who depend on them!

Let’s welcome our new Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change Mr. Anil Madhav Dave to #TeamSaveWesternGhats. Sign this card and show Minister Dave that we willing and eager to help the Ministry protect India’s valuable forests and biodiversity for generations to come.

Mr Dave has a history of being a strong advocate for river conservation, sustainable farming and other issues. He is well informed and has been vocal about issues like climate change and pollution as well.

Just last week Minister Dave held a meeting with the Members of Parliament from the Western Ghats region. He is very keen to consult all of them in order to find an inclusive way to protect the Western Ghats. This means we now have the opportunity to cultivate a proactive and positive relationship with the Minister who seems to really care about protecting our natural resources!

And that’s where you come in. We need to  take the first step to build this new relationship so that we can discuss our take on the Western Ghats issue with Minister Dave. If thousands of us sign this card, we can then deliver this along with our fact finding report on the Western Ghats issue to Minister Dave. This will showcase our commitment towards working together for a sustainable future.

Please sign this card congratulating our new Minister of Environment on his challenging new position. By working together we can support him to do what is right for our future!


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