Minister Rijiju — take decisive action to curb racial violence!

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“On Bezbaruah [report], you [Jhatkaa] asked us ten times a day “what is happening”, “what are you doing on it”, “you promised to implement it” and this put constant pressure on us to fulfil the promises and statements we made.” — Ajay Kanojia, Deputy Director, Northeast Division, Home Ministry

VICTORY:  Jhatkaa volunteers had a meeting with the Home Ministry in December 2015 where they delivered our petition calling for the implementation of the Bezbaruah report to curb racial violence. And we got the best response: the Deputy Director of the Northeast Division, Ajay Kanojia, committed to start implementing the Bezbaruah report by early January 2015.

By securing a clear timeline around the report’s implementation, we’ve achieved a real victory — a victory made possible by thousands of us relentlessly pursuing the Government and refusing to back down until we won.

Read more about the entire campaign here.

“Tell your Northeast people to leave…”

That’s what seven attackers told two young men from Nagaland on October 16 after beating them repeatedly with iron rods, hockey sticks and cricket bats for nearly three hours.

This savage attack came just a day after a group of men assaulted three North Eastern students in Bangalore for not speaking Kannada. And on October 17, a 24-year-old woman from Mizoram was stabbed and killed in Delhi.

In the last month alone we’ve seen four vicious hate crimes that have shocked Indians across the country. This needs to stop. Add your name and call on Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju to immediately implement the Bezbaruah Committee’s recommendations to curb racial violence.

Recommending a new law against discrimination, fast-track courts, special police squads, and education reform — the Bezbaruah Committee’s recommendations have the power to radically reduce racial violence. BUT only if Minister Rijiju implements them without delay.

Add your name and call on Minister Rijiju to take decisive action to reduce racial violence!