6-8 am has the worst air quality on an average winter day -- this is when our children go to school, some of us go to work, and other go for morning walks.

Yes, this is what we found after continuously monitoring the air quality in Koramangala since mid-October.

We set up two air quality monitors, one in ST Bed and the other in Koramangala 6th block, and sent hundreds of SMSes to around 4,000 Bengalureans informing them about the air that they breathe.

Can you donate Rs 200 so that we could continue doing this important work to tackle air pollution?

Also, did you know that around 60% of the winter days in Koramangala did not have good air quality? And at one point during Diwali, PM2.5 level was as high as 566, which is 10 times the healthy level.

These air quality monitors have given us a lot of insights, which allowed us to provide citizens health advisories on how to stay protected from air pollution.

Around 4,000 people living, working, and studying in Koramangala regularly received this data via SMSes. This was the first time we did something like this. Premita, our mobiles’ strategist, and I, along with others in our team put in a lot of effort to make this a success. We took a risk, but I’m glad it worked out. And that’s why we won’t stop!

In the last two months, we built a community of highly engaged and concerned Bengalureans who are now well-informed about the air pollution crisis. Many Bengalureans have been empowered to tackle this serious problem and have shared innovative campaign ideas to launch on our platform, Air A!ert. The media also wrote extensively about this project. Public awareness, citizen action, media coverage -- all these factors have given us the momentum and enthusiasm to keep up the fight for cleaner air.

Jhatkaa has a policy of financial transparency and keeps its internal costs down with a small staff backed by a larger team of dedicated volunteers and in-kind contributors. Donations support our extensive campaign activities, in particular covering the costs of innovative communication and campaign technology that involve mobile phones and the web.


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