7 of the world’s 10 most polluted cities are in India, a study by Greenpeace and Airvisual has revealed. With rapid development and shrinking green cover, air pollution levels have been soaring across the country. In 2017, indoor and outdoor air pollution caused 1.2 million deaths.

These are alarming numbers — every time you inhale, your lungs are taking in microscopic particles. These lead to a host of serious illnesses like asthma, cancer, strokes and heart disease, also impairing development in children.

At Jhatkaa.org, we’ve acknowledged the magnitude of the problem and with our campaigns, are pushing for stronger policies and subsequently, clean, breathable air for every citizen. This movement is incomplete without you. Be a part of our campaigns, and with strength in numbers, let’s hold our decision makers to their promises!

National Climate Emergency
Water crisis in Chennai, floods in Assam… recent events have demonstrated  that climate change is hitting us all. Countries like the UK, France, Ireland and Canada have all formally recognised a climate crisis. The Indian Government must declare a National Climate Emergency. Sign here.

Indian Forest Act, 1927
By amending this Act, the Environment Ministry will give troubling powers to forest officials, including using firearms and carrying out arrests without warrants. This is scary news for India’s 20-crore forest dwellers and tribals. Take action.

Bullet Train
This Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train is coming at a huge environmental cost — 54,000 mangroves will be chopped and scores of farmers will lose their lands. Spending 1.08 lakh crores on this ambitious project will not bring back the precious ecosystems that will be lost. If you’re against this kind of development, add your name here.

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