Flipkart — stand up for net neutrality!

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VICTORY: We received an email from the Vice President of Flipkart personally informing us about Flipkart’s public announcement today to back out of “Airtel Zero”. He said that the organization had a very rick internal debate on the values of their company, and that they’re pleased to join the net neutrality cause.

Read the full campaign timeline here.

It was confirmed that Airtel and Flipkart have struck a deal that violates net neutrality – it’s called “Airtel Zero”. This deal can potentially mean that non-Airtel users would be charged extra for using Flipkart.

This deal between Flipkart and Airtel is the beginning of large rich corporations being able to buy preferential access on the internet. It is the first step down a path where telecom corporations will have the right to decide what we get to see and what we don’t see online. How? By simply deciding which websites we can access at fast speeds, putting anyone they don’t like (or who won’t pay them crores of rupees) into new Internet slow lanes or charging us extra to view them.

Ask Flipkart to immediately back out of this deal and advocate for a fair and open internet. Sign the petition.