2 December 2017

Dear friend, 

I have some very exciting updates for you since the last fortnightly update you received from my colleague Noah.

People power got residents a seat at the table with officials from the Karnataka government! In Bengaluru, over 5,600 members like you got behind a petition started by residents of KHHSP Residents’ Welfare Association asking the Karnataka Compost Development Corporation (KCDC) to clean up the stink at their compost plant in HSR Layout.

Thanks to our collective voice Mr. Manivannan P, Secretary to the Government of Karnataka, reached out to the residents and formed a Joint Action Team consisting of various officials and stakeholders responsible for the KCDC compost plant in HSR Layout. They have set a deadline of January 2018 to sort out the mess. You can stay updated on the campaign by viewing the petition here.


Punekars have been putting up a tough fight to the stubborn PMPML (Pune’s public transport authority). Our partners at Parisar filed RTIs over a month ago questioning the PMPML’s decision to buy 400 diesel buses for the city. 

Surprise Surprise! It turns out the PMPML went against expert advice — a committee of experts recommended purchasing CNG buses since they are environmentally friendly as well as cost effective.


Clearly, the PMPML doesn’t have the best interests of Punekars in mind in making their decision to bring 400 diesel buses to an already polluted city. Add your signature to this petition asking the PMPML to put citizens first and buy CNG buses.


I believe in the power of citizen initiatives to bring change — here’s how a citizen of Bengaluru secured a big win for her neighbourhood! You may remember a petition started by our member Anjali Dhariwala highlighting the illegal dumping of garbage in a residential area in Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Well, 4 days later and with just 300 signatures, the panchayat was forced to have a discussion with residents, and decided to stop garbage dumping! Unfortunately, they went back on their word. But, the residents didn’t back down. We continued to push the petition, and now after 2 months, I’m pleased to tell you that the dumping ground has been cleared! Check out these before and after images below to see the impact that our collective voices can have when we act together!

Alright, that’s all from me this week! One of my colleagues will send you the next round of updates on our victories and milestones in two weeks from now.

Last but not least, thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm in fighting air pollution. We achieve what we do because of the active participation of members like you!

In hope,


Jyotsna and the Jhatkaa.org team

P.S. We have just 1 week to let the Environment Ministry know that we are not ok with allowing thermal power plants continue polluting our air with high level of toxic emission for another 5 years! Take a look at this toolkit to learn how you can take action.

Check out this gif of our Jhatkaa team!