Rajinikanth: Ask Kabali fans to spread joy, not waste milk!

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Superstar Rajinikanth’s new film Kabali is releasing this Friday and the Tamil Nadu Milk Dealers Employees Association (TNMDA) is worried that approximately 50,000 litres of milk will be wasted on the day of the release. Rajinikanth’s fans use milk to adorn his statues in the run up to and on the day of his films, and the TNMDA are urging people to not waste milk in country where millions go hungry every day.

Could you join us in asking Rajinikanth to tell his fans to not waste milk in celebration of his new movie? Add your name on the petition now!

In a country where 38% of children still suffer from stunted growth and a pregnant woman dies every 5 minutes many times because of inadequate diet and poverty, it can only be called shameful to waste milk. TNMDA even met with the star’s representatives and informed them that during the star’s last release many fans even stole milk to adorn statues.

Rajinikanth is known for donating half his life earnings to charitable causes and has always asked his fans to contribute to society. This is why we think Rajinikanth himself can have an immediate and massive impact on this issue. The offering is meant to honor the star and pray that his film is a huge success. That’s precisely why today, we want you to join us in asking the star to tell his fans once and for all to stop wasting thousands of litres of perfectly good milk in his name!

Please ask Rajinikanth to send a message to his fans before the release of his new film, Kabali on 22nd July!


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