School Girls Lathicharged For Demanding More Teachers

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‘Police officer was heavily drunk… He pulled our clothes and abused us’ – Priyanka Swami, Class X,  Government School in Chauru, District Tonk, Rajasthan

This is outrageous – Over 150 girls from Chauru (Aligarh), district Tonk, Rajasthan, were lathicharged by policemen while under protest for the lack of teachers in their school. Eight girls got seriously injured and seven of them are still undergoing treatment at the district hospital in Tonk. The school does not have teachers for three subjects viz. Social Science, Sanskrit and English.

What is horrifying is that police has subsequently filed First Information Reports (FIRs) against 150 students and 150 villagers under various sections. No FIR has yet been filed on the police for beating up the girls.

The police officer involved also misbehaved with the girls, forcing many to jump from the nearby bridge in an attempt to save themselves from harm. According to the Right to Education no child must face any kind of corporal punishment.

This act of brutality comes at a time when the state should be actively supporting the educational needs of the students by appointing sufficient teachers and providing quality education.

Take action: ask the Director General of Police, Rajasthan, Mr. Manoj Bhatt to take swift action against the officers involved in this police brutality on girls and villagers demanding quality education.