Take action for clean air

UPDATE: This campaign is no longer active. For reference, you can find the content of the email that Jhatkaa.org members sent below.

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We have till 26th December to urge the government to take strict action against air pollution. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has opened to public consultation their proposal regarding vehicle pollution standards. Currently, different parts of India follow different emission standards. Our highly polluting diesel vehicles especially trucks are following a standard that 15 years behind international standards for the same vehicles! We need to have a uniform, rigorous emission standard as soon as possible.

Lets urge them to put in place the best emission standard (BSVI) in place as soon as possible! We need to ensure that we send in as many unique comments as possible. Please remember to edit the email below with a line or two about why you care about the issue of air pollution and then hit send:


Mr. Abhay Damle,
Joint Secretary (Transport),
Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH),
Transport Bhawan,
Parliament Street,
New Delhi, 110 001

SUB: My comment on Draft Notification BS-V and BS-VI emission norms

Dear Sir,

I support the Ministry’s initiative to transition to BSVI norms by 2021 but I would like to encourage you to make this transition by 2019. Please accept my comments in response to the Draft Notification BS-V and BS-VI emission norms, outlined below.

Pollution from vehicles contribute an alarming 25% and 48% to air pollution in major Indian cities like Delhi and Bangalore alone. The Supreme Court too has taken a strong stand on this issue. Studies have proved that outdoor air pollution led to 0.65 million premature deaths in India in 2010 alone. Another international study projects that by 2025, 32,000 people in Delhi alone will die because of breathing polluted air. This is why the Ministry’s plan is noteworthy and should be strengthened.

We know that some automobile companies already manufacture Euro V & VI compliant engines in their Indian manufacturing units which are then sold in Europe and not in India. Their reluctance cannot be allowed to take precedence over India’s citizens right to clean air which impacts their quality of life directly. We also know that ultra-low sulfur fuel will become available across the country by 2019. Fuel industry and automobile industry must be pushed to comply with BSVI standards by this time (at the very latest) because there is simply no excuse to continue polluting our air when cleaner technology exists.

The advantages of leapfrogging to BSVI standards cannot be emphasized enough.

I appreciate and support the Ministry’s steps to move India forward on a path to reduce vehicular emissions. I strongly urge you take a progressive stand and implement BSVI standards at the earliest possible date. Please ensure that my comments are included and discussed in the process of finalizing these notifications.

I request you not to publish my email id or any other contact details publicly.
Thank you for prioritizing this issue and taking action on it.

The fuel industry is already producing the grade of fuel required even for the highest emission standard i.e. Bharat Stage 6 and they can easily ensure supply of  this fuel all across India by 2016 or latest 2019.

Companies like Volvo manufacture engines compliant with the highest European emission standards in their factories in India and sell them only in western countries, forcing us to buy the older, more polluting vehicles.

Please send in your submission and urge your friends to join you!