Suspend Justice Devadass from all sexual assault cases!

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This is outrageous — a convicted rapist has been released on bail by the Madras High Court to  “settle” the matter of his rape with the victim by ‘mediation’. Justice Devadass not only granted bail to the rapist, he did it so that the rapist can “participate in the (settlement) as a free man and vent his feelings”.

What’s horrifying is that this is not the first time Justice Devadass has passed such a  judgement. In February 2015, he released a convicted rapist on bail after he agreed to marry his victim in order to settle the matter! This in his opinion was a ‘happy conclusion’.

His judgements show clearly that he is not fit to make legal decisions on cases related to sexual violence. We need to tell the Madras High Court Chief Justice, who has the power to ensure that Justice Devadass is removed from his position to handle sexual assault cases, that our courts are made to uphold the rights of sexual assault victims — NOT marry rapists off to their victims or give bail to those who are found guilty of sexual violence!

Join me in asking the Chief Justice of Madras High Court Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul to suspend Justice Devadass from all future cases of rape and sexual assault!