TRAI – uphold net neutrality!

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BIG NEWS: Telecom Minister Prasad has just come out saying the Government is in favour of maintaining net neutrality.

While the Minister’s support is good news, the Telecom Regulatory Authority’s (TRAI) upcoming consultation paper will make or break net neutrality in this country.

Sign the petition and call on TRAI to keep the Internet free & open by upholding net neutrality.

Net neutrality is the basic building block of the web that states all content should be treated equally. It’s an idea that has transformed the Internet into an extraordinary platform for innovation and growth. Make no mistake: the only people who benefit from ending net neutrality are the CEOs of the huge telecom companies.

We don’t have much time. Sources are saying that TRAI will be releasing its consultation paper on net neutrality in the next week. Sign and share this urgent petition to keep the Internet free and open.