#WontBuyUnilever — Tweet your selfie at Unilever CEO @PaulPolman

Here’s how you can join me in sending Paul Polman a clear message — tweet your selfie to him in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Take a piece of paper, write “#WontBuyUnilever” and take a selfie with it.

Step 2: Log on to www.twitter.com, and paste in this tweet: [email protected] I #WontBuyUnilever till exworkers are honourably compensated & Kodaikanal is cleaned up via @jhatkaa”

Step 3: Upload your selfie and hit tweet!


If you don’t use Twitter, send us your selfie to
[email protected] as an attachment. We’ll Tweet it out from the official @Jhatkaa Twitter account so don’t forget to tell us your name and city!