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World class clean up for Kodaikanal

The residents of Kodaikanal want Unilever to clean up its mercury mess to high, scientific standards. Instead, the company has currently proposed standards that are TWENTY times weaker than what would be allowed in the United Kingdom, where Unilever is headquartered. This is plainly a double standard. India and the town of Kodaikanal deserve better.

BBMP Joint Commissioner Sarfaraz Khan:

UPDATE: On 14th July 2016 Jhatkaa volunteers met with Mr. Sarfaraz Khan, Joint Commissioner (SWM / Health). He accepted our petition and promised to penalise errant contractors who were violating the law by burning garbage. However, he did say that the BBMP is unable to monitor violations and he wants us to be his “eyes and […]

What is Jhatkaa? Why do we need it?

Jhatkaa “झटका” is a new campaigning organisation committed to building grassroots citizen power across India in effective and innovative ways enabling people to act as the tipping point on an issue.

We collaborate with civil society to engage citizens to hold corporate, cultural, and government leaders accountable in real time at key decision moments through various digital communication platforms.

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