Jhatkaa victories and milestones

Lemon Tree takes down their sexist poster and issues public apology

VICTORY: After Jhatkaa's rapid response campaign asking for Lemon Tree to take down their sexist poster and apologise went viral, Lemon Tree reached out to Jhatkaa to inform us the poster was taken down. Shortly after, they gave Jhatkaa a formal apology!

Unilever agrees to compensate ex-workers after 15 years

VICTORY: 8 months after Jhatkaa and the Chennai Solidarity Group launched the viral “Kodaikanal Won’t” music video and petition, Hindustan Unilever agreed to compensate 951 of their ex-workers in Kodaikanal after they were poisoned with mercury pollution from the factory! Learn more and take action here.

Government announces high standard vehicular emissions

VICTORY: Hundreds of Jhatkaa members wrote to the Ministry of Road, Transportation and Highways and urged them to implement the highest standard to control emissions from vehicles as soon as possible. The government agreed to do just that! Learn more here and join our ongoing campaign against air pollution here.

TRAI announces decision to ban differential pricing

VICTORY: After hundreds of thousands of Jhaktaa.org members and Indian citizens continuously raised their voices for net neutrality, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India banned differential pricing -- a practice that violates net neutrality. Learn more and take action here.

Misinformation on Western Ghats exposed

MILESTONE: Jhatkaa's fact finding report impacted the public discourse on the issue of saving the biodiverse Western Ghats and exposed the misinformation that has been spread in the local communities. More than 2000 Jhatkaa members submitted public comments on draft notification on protection of the Ghats.

Flipkart pulls out of net neutrality violating deal with Airtel

VICTORY: Jhatkaa members demanded that Flipkart, India's largest e-retailer, pull out of a net neutrality-violating deal with Airtel. Given pressure from Indian citizens and Jhatkaa members, the Vice President of Flipkart personally wrote to Jhatkaa to let us know they would not be going forward with the deal. Learn more here.

Home Ministry implements anti-racism report

VICTORY: Jhatkaa members made the Ministry of Home Affairs agree to implement an important set of anti-racism measures for citizens from North East India. The Bezbaruah committee report now has a clear timeline for implementing measures in education, awareness, legal support and protection thanks to us. Jhatkaa even got a special thanks for our work from the Deputy Director of the Ministry’s North East Division who was championing the measures within the government. Learn more here.

Harsh Vardhan and Shaina NC stand for LGBTQ rights

MILESTONE: Jhatkaa members put pressure on BJP leader Shaina NC to advocate for equal rights for LGBTQ people and she promised action. Jhatkaa volunteers also met with Health Minister Harsh Vardhan to urge him to act on his statement saying LGBTQ people deserve equal rights. Learn more here.

Cleaning the Ganga becomes a 2014 election priority

VICTORY: Thanks to Jhatkaa.org members in Varanasi and our partners at Sankat Mochan Foundation, cleaning the Ganga river became an election issue. Every major political party promised to take strong steps to clean the Ganga if elected. Learn more about the campaign here.

Delhi High Court sends sexist Judge Virendra Bhatt to gender sensitisation training

After Delhi Fast Track Court Judge Virendra Bhatt made a sexist comment in the judgement of a sexual violence case, Jhaktaa ran a campaign and met with Delhi High Court Chief Justice asking for Bhatt to be removed from all sexual violence cases. Thanks to the campaign, the Delhi High Court ordered Bhatt to take a gender sensitisation training.