At Jhatkaa we’re working together to build real power among every-day people across India so that we can begin to address the greatest challenges of our time – slowing down climate change, reducing the inequality that’s tearing at our social fabric, and strengthening our democracy.

One of the biggest issues that Indians face at the moment is air pollution. And Jhatkaa is ready to take it on. Earlier this year, we launched Air A!ert, a people-powered platform exclusively for air pollution campaigns.

As a Jhatkaa member, you’ve been part of an amazing journey, helping us create impact like never before!

Since we launched Air A!ert, over 30 petitions have been started and some great milestones achieved -- stopping illegal garbage dumping, stopping indiscriminate cutting of trees for badly planned projects, and MPs prompting questions in Rajya Sabha on our thermal power plants campaign, to name a few.

With such a momentum, we don’t want to stop. And for this we want your help. Will you make a contribution to Jhatkaa so we can continue working together to make a more sustainable India?

We need to get together as individuals, organisations, research institutions and governments in order to deal with this deadly threat that is slowly killing us all. Health experts say the number of people being diagnosed with asthma for the first time with no family history is rising sharply due to high air pollution. The effects of air pollution on health seem to increase day after day.

Our small team at Jhatkaa aims to be member-funded. With your help, the team will be able to support more people across the city to bring about a change in their neighbourhood. Will you join the movement by donating?

We need to get to work now. Clean air starts with you.


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