Our Vision

To support 500 menstruators from the Indian Police Force and help them make a sustainable switch. This initiative will help to reduce the number of disposable sanitary napkins reaching landfills, thus positively creating a change in the solid waste management space and reducing the air pollution created because of burning the sanitary pads

Every 440 Rs you donate will provide 1 cup to one person attached to the Indian Police Force.

How Could you Support the initiative?

Donate stemless menstrual cups to the Police Force of India and join us for on-ground activities. Each cup costs Rs 440; donate and make a sustainable contribution to the frontline workers.


Around 12.3 billion of disposable sanitary napkins reach India’s landfills each year. Each sanitary pad constitutes around 90 per cent of plastic waste, and due to improper disposal, it ends up in landfills.

This improper management of sanitary waste leads to unhygienic working conditions for waste workers and poses a risk for infectious disease. Sanitary napkins also contain harmful chemicals leading some menstruators to suffer from rashes.

Menstrual cups are a more sustainable and healthier alternative to sanitary napkins. Don’t you think our society needs a change? Shall we count you in for a cup to the menstruators of the Indian Police Force?

Join the initiative and support the menstruators to shift to a safe and healthier option. 500 cups will help reduce landfill waste by at least 18,000 sanitary waste items every year. In turn, you will be contributing to an equitable, inclusive and sustainable India.

About Our Partner, StoneSoup.in

They are your typical middle class working women who discovered the connection between our waste and the ailments that were troubling the children. Given their experience in the corporate sector, they analysed the issues and started work on reducing our and our communities’ waste impact. Before they knew it, they were part of the nationwide Garbage Sisterhood. At some point, they felt they have to step up from being an eco-warrior to an eco-entrepreneur to create products and solutions that can help people who want to make a change. And Stonesoup.in was born. The cups used here are stemless and thus are easy to use.
You can find the video on how to use the cups here.

Name of the representer: StoneSoup Trust
Location:- Bangalore