We are partnering with the Delhi Government!


In March 2021, we, in collaboration with Durga India, created an illustrated toolkit that explains laws around sexual harassment and makes them easy to read, understand and use. We are now partnering with the Govt. of Delhi NCT’s Department of Women & Child Development to provide our toolkit to Anganwadi hubs, One Stop Centres and Shelter Homes. This will involve:


  1. Translating the toolkit into Hindi with information about one’s rights around sexual harassment and the procedure to file a complaint.
  2. Creating posters and other Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials for these centres.
  3. Printing the toolkit and distributing the copies.
  4. Holding workshops with different frontline functionaries including Anganwadi workers so that they can address instances of sexual harassment, influence conversations on safety and gender equity, and intervene when they see someone in distress. initiate conversations or women to drop their complaint, which will be taken up by us, and followed up by police authorities.


Our Right the Wrong toolkit is a product of support from members like you and we want it to reach more and more people. We also recognise that building community awareness has to go hand-in-hand with holding govt. institutions accountable. Therefore, we will also initiate campaigns whenever we find out instances of the police refusing to file a complaint. Ultimately, we want women to feel comfortable reporting crimes against them and ensure that they feel supported as they do so.


All of this includes a running and maintenance cost. Pitch in today to help us take these workshops to Delhi and other cities and make our toolkit accessible to more people who speak different languages. We need to remember that women’s safety is not just a women’s issue, but something that the whole community needs to come together to ensure.

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