Join two Super Citizens on their journeys.

Seshu Ratnala is planting 10 Lakh trees in 10 years, and Tushar Chandra is on a mission to revive Hennagara Lake, in South Bangalore.

Hennagara Lake, a 330-acre lake in Anekal, becomes home for over 200 bird species, some of which visit it from far away. This is one of the largest lakes in Bangalore. It deserves to be protected from pollution, erosion and general damage.

Tushar Chandra, with a mission to conserve Hennagara Lake, has teamed up with Seshu Ratnala, of Swetcha Foundation with a target of helping plant 10 lakh trees in 10 years and Biotasoil Foundation that have developed an exciting new technique to create the most efficient carbon sink in the most cost-effective manner.

It costs ₹150 to plant the tree sapling in the right environment, starting from procurement, transportation, soil preparation and planting.
It costs an additional ₹150 to maintain and nourish it for 3 years after which it becomes part of a self-sustaining forest.

One cup of coffee foregone, can go a long way to helping create an environment that future generations will thank us for.

Like a famous proverb puts it “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”