8561 trees in and around Bangalore are set to be axed for a road-widening project. Some of these trees are over 80 years old and include peepal, banyan, tamarind and other species. 

Jhatkaa.org has been at the forefront of campaigning efforts against this, by asking government officials to provide an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the project. However, KRDCL MD  BS ShivKumar said in a meeting with citizens a few months ago that  “If we start doing public consultations for everything, no projects will see the light of day.” 

KRDCL also refused to answer any questions posed to them via RTI (Right to Information) or acknowledge the Independent Rapid EIA done by professors from Azim Premji University. 

In the current scenario where our government officials are refusing to follow due process or engage in a dialogue with citizens, we have no other option than take a legal route to save these trees by filing a Public Interest Litigation.

This is going to be a long battle with significant costs that include legal fees, research and more. . Support Jhatkaa.org in winning this, for a greener, more sustainable Bengaluru.

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