Wear A Mask!

“7 of the world’s 10 worst polluted cities are in India.”


Every time you breathe in, your lungs are taking in tiny microscopic particles in the air. This leads to serious illnesses like asthma, cancer, strokes and heart disease, also impairing development in children.

This is why masks are important. Wearing a mask is the easiest and most immediate personal action a citizen can take to protect themselves and their family from the health impacts of polluted air. They also send a strong visual message. Here’s how —
1. When more and more people (young and old) wear masks, it raises questions in other citizens’ minds about air quality
2. Increases media interest and coverage
3. Sends a strong message to bureaucrats, corporates, and people in the government who have the power and resources to implement solutions to improve air quality.

At Jhatkaa.org, we want to catalyse a movement of citizens wearing masks. And on top of this list are traffic cops, waste pickers, and rickshaw drivers, communities that are most vulnerable to air pollution. We’ve distributed hundreds of masks to policemen, students, and in the past year.

And we’re going to continue until air quality in India is within acceptable World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. Your contribution helps us do this — 500 rupees per month from you enables us to give out 50 masks! And you will get one as well!

Support us in making our air, and our cities, clean and breathable!

NOTE: We are not pushing for mask-wearing as a permanent solution to air pollution. Rather it’s a precautionary measure, and a visible reminder of the need to implement lasting solutions.