Paint the Wall to spread Awareness on Safer Sustainable Menstruation Practices

Donate Rs.8000 to paint a whole wall or Rs.500 for 2.5 litres of Paint


2 lakh kilograms. 

That’s the amount of sanitary waste generated every single day. That’s 60 lakh kilograms every month. This number is HUGE, given that only 35% of menstruators in India use sanitary napkins!

Smitam NGO along with, are aiming to raise awareness on Sustainable Menstruation Practices through the #DontHushMonthlies campaign. The campaign seeks to paint 16 walls over 16 weeks. The paintings will create wall paintings around menstrual cups and other sustainable options. This activity will help break the stigma surrounding menstruation and also encourage menstruators to choose safe, sustainable practices.

It cost Rs 8000 to paint a wall, including eco-friendly paints, compensation for artists, and volunteers snacks. Each person switching to sustainable menstrual practices will help us reduce the waste generated and our carbon footprint.

These walls will challenge misconceptions about sustainable menstruation practices and help more and more people become aware of safer options for themselves and the environment.

Please support us by donating to the cause and help us make people aware of safer options available.


We need to scale up the awareness and adoption of Sustainable Menstruation Practices at a very rapid rate, to drastically reduce the amount of medical waste that goes to landfills or incineration plants. To do this, Smitam NGO and are painting 16 walls around 16 localities. We believe that each wall will be viewed by at least 1 lakh people (with repeat viewers), we can reach out to 16 lakh people in the next 6 months.

This activity will help normalise the narrative around sustainable menstruation practices at a large scale in Bengaluru.

About Smitam NGO

Smitam is a registered non-profit organisation, works for the welfare of underprivileged children and uplifting women. We connect with highly motivated, compassionate and driven volunteers who wish to make a difference in their life, as well as in the lives of others.

Name of the representative: Meghana Murthy

City: Bangalore