Kodaikanal’s Dirty Secret

After thousands of petition signatures from citizens, numerous meetings with the municipal body and a legal case over a course of more than a year, we finally won.

The Kodaikanal Landfill is going to be closed and the unscientific development around the lake has been halted!

Our team traveled from Bangalore to Chennai and met with multiple decision-makers
1. Mr. P. Ponniah, Director of Municipal Administration
2. Ms. Supriya Sahu, Principal Secretary, Tamil Nadu State Environment Ministry
3. Mr. Deepak Shrivastava, Secretary, Tamil Nadu State Wetlands Authority
4. Mr. Shiv Das Meena, Principal Secretary, Municipal Administration and Water Supply
5. We discussed the issue of garbage overflowing into the Kodaikanal’s shola forest and the unscientific developments around the lake.

Mr. Ponniah called the Kodaikanal Municipal Commissioner during our meeting and ordered them to immediately stop work around the lake until further environmental impact assessment and public consultation is done. He also ordered the Commissioner to immediately build a retaining wall between the municipal dump and the Tiger Shola, and to look into bio-capping of the dump.

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